Network Active

Last Update Completed:
23 October 2019
3:00pm Eastern US
Latest Changes

Uptime Monitor
  • Activate Network Maintenance Mode

    Network maintenance mode disables editing the site and access to the dashboard. This ensures that no changes of your site content are made while we are performing maintenance on our network.

  • Disable All Cache

    Cache files are generated to speed up the delivery of your site files, but we disable these during maintenance to make sure all changes are reflected and new cache files are generated at the end of our process.

  • Backup Network

    We make a complete backup of the network as a safety precaution. If software updates don't pass our testing, we can roll the network back to its previous state.

  • Update Software

    We will perform updates on all the software, including wordpress core, themes, and plugins.

  • Test Software Updates

    We run through a list of software tests we run to make sure no functionality was disrupted by the updates.

  • Security Scan

    We will scan the network for any security issues to make sure your site is secure and reliable.

  • Release Maintenance Mode

    Once the software tests and security scans are complete and no issues are in need of resolution, we will release maintenance mode and you'll be able to edit your site once again.

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