• More Templates

    We have an exciting list of site templates planned for future releases.

  • Sporting League Management

    Manage your sporting leagues, including team standings, player stats, and scoring records.

  • Native Mobile Application

    Use a native mobile app for an enhanced  content experience without having to manage multiple platforms.

Working On

  • Group Management

    Manage small groups and teams with discussions, user profiles, and messaging directly from your website.

  • Online Learning

    Add your discipleship and training courses to your website for your team to use or for users to participate on their own.

  • Content Restrictions

    Restrict your website content to specific user groups.

  • Live Streaming

    Use Live Streaming elements like recurring countdown timers, automated page refreshes, and timed video embeds to build a Live Streaming page right on your website.

Recently Completed

  • Sermon Management

    Display Sermons and Sermon Series with integrated audio podcasting and video embeds.

  • Event Management

    Display a calendar of events complete with venue and organizer information.

  • Connect Cards

    Display ongoing calls to action with our connect card system that includes redirect cards and form based cards.

  • Visitor Flow

    Capture the attention of your website visitors and get them to make a physical visit to one of your worship experiences with our enhanced visitor flow strategy.

  • Team Documentation

    Develop online documentation of your systems and processes for future reference and evaluation.


  • Email Newsletters

    Ability to send email newsletters to website users directly from your Digital Church dashboard.

  • Text Messaging

    Ability to send text messages to website users directly from your Digital Church dashboard.