New Easter Landing Page Template

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March 25, 2019
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Great news! We’ve just added an Easter landing page template to the Digital Church Platform! If you’re an existing subscriber, you can create a new page on your current site and import the page template from the templates tab in the page builder. If you don’t already have a Digital Church website, feel free to register a new site and use the Easter at City Church template for your new site. That will automatically import the Easter landing page as your home page.

All sites on our platform now include an advanced page builder where you can customize this page as much or as little as you’d like. You also get access to a super-simple Live Editor for quick edits. On the back-end, you’ll have access to advanced Search Engine tools, more page templates, and other plugins depending on the plan level you select.

Our most affordable plan is just $16/month, so you could easily subscribe for just a month or two while you get through Easter to try out our system. If you love it, you may want to build your next church website on our platform this summer.

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